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Walt Whitman (1819-92)

"When I look back now over my life and call to mind what I might have had simply for taking and did not take, my heart is like to break."

Akhenaton (d. c.1354 BC)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Following Blazes

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Late Latin revelation-, revelatio, from Latin revelare to reveal
1 a : an act of revealing or communicating divine truth b : something that is revealed by God to humans
2 a : an act of revealing to view or making known b : something that is revealed; especially : an enlightening or astonishing disclosure
3 capitalized : an apocalyptic writing addressed to early Christians of Asia Minor and included as a book in the New Testament -- called also Apocalypse
4 : the moment when the door opens, the future becomes clear, and you say "Wow."

If you've ever done any backwoods trail hiking, you know what a "blaze" is. A blaze is a mark (usually painted) on a tree trunk or rock that indicates where the path is going. As you travel, you can look ahead to the next blaze to see where the path leads.

Prophecy is like that a lot of the time. I've always been fascinated with modern day Christian prophecy, especially when it became obvious to me that it could be remarkably accurate.

About eleven years ago, I stumbled across Ray Aquilera on a Compuserve forum. At the time, Ray was distributing a file containing over 500 prophetic messages he had received to whoever would download it. When I discovered the file, I downloaded it myself. At the time, everyone accessed Compuserve using dial up connections running at about 28,000 bps (compare that to cable at 500,000+ bps) so just the download took a while.

Reading it took longer. Like all weekend. And the entire time, I was riveted. Ray talked about things like volcanoes, earthquakes, terrorists, persecutions, presidents, popes and all sorts of events that would shake the world.

Many of them have already been confirmed. You can visit his site at Prophecy.org and check them for yourself if you wish. There are over 1,500 prophetic messages there spanning the last fifteen years.

Ray has always had a unique writing style that is a bit hard to read, primarily due to his extreme concern about not recording every single last little thing. He runs a tape recorder when he prays, and if he receives a message that involved some repetition, so does the transcript. So, be aware when you visit that Ray is a hard read.

A bit less of a hard read is the House Vision of the Night by C. Alan Martin. I first saw an account of this particular vision during the earliest days of Bill Clinton's administration, although it had been passed around for some time before that.

Key points of this vision are the uncanny descriptions of presidential administrations (including the Starr report in the 6th year of Clinton's administration and the national mourning of the World Trade Center attack) and the fact that there is only one more presidential administration indicated after the Bush administration.

Once that is done, judgment, at least for the United States.

Another arresting prophecy is the set of latin phrases ascribed to St. Malachay, which described every single pope, in order, from the twelth century until the present. Every single one of the phrases have been accurate. Except for the final two, for there are only two more popes left according to Malachay's count.

(Note: There is a more detailed accounting of Malachay's pope prophecies here.)

These are far from the only prophetic messages telling us that we are nearing the end of life as we know it. Some we can see not on the written (or computer generated) page but rather in the world around us. Our society crumbles more each day, our morals are more deeply compromised each time we turn on our TV or see a movie. Our children are taught who knows what in school as "fact" when it is only theory and agenda.

When is the last time you heard of a natural disaster that wasn't just about to happen?

"Volcanic eruptions on this scale only occur every 3,0000 years. The last recorded instance was in the year 1,000 BC."

"Earthquakes of this magnitude only happen every 150 years, and the last occurred in 1854."

"Asteroid impacts of this magnitude only happen every 2,000,000 years, and the last one happened about 2,000,000 years ago."

"Most cultures last about 200 years, happy bicentennial."

Time is a cocked trigger, and bullets are about to fly.

Time to get ready.

Every year, if not every day, we have to wager our salvation upon some prophecy based upon imperfect knowledge.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
US jurist (1841 - 1935)

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