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Walt Whitman (1819-92)

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Akhenaton (d. c.1354 BC)

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Monday, April 19, 2004

There is Fair, and Then There is God

I don't often place work from other people on this blog, but this one spoke to me so strongly that I thought it might speak to others as well. The author makes a very, very powerful point. I might want to note here that my only experience with the site this comes from is this one article, so although I have linked to it don't take that as an automatic endorsement.

"There is Fair, and There is God!"
Undrai & Bridget Fizer

God does not move in the realm of 'fair.' He moves in the dimensions of Purpose. There are so many things in life that happens to us as sons that are not fair, but they are purposed. We, as sons, are told to walk by faith, by what is from God, and not by sight, feelings, emotional perceptions of what is right, wrong, or fair.

It takes a Significant maturity from the Lord to walk wholly in the dimensions of what is purposed, and not what is fair. The things that happened to Joseph was not fair, but it was purposed. It was not fair for him to be thrown into a pit and sold as a slave. It was not fair for his brothers to lie to their father and say 'Joseph was killed by a wild animal.' It was not fair for Potiphar's wife to lie on him and for him to be arrested and thrown in prison. It was not fair to 'answer his fellow prisoner's dream and be forgotten. It was not fair, BUT IT WAS PURPOSED!!!

The Spirit desires to give us the discernment to tell the difference. At times, while we are in the midst of 'purposed being fulfilled,' His plans are hidden from us. Only when we stand in the Day of fulfillment, 'will the strategic plans of His Power reveal the real activity that set it in motion.'

It is not impossible for us to gain this Maturity and Discernment from the Lord. Some of us may be impatient or undisciplined to receive it, but it's not impossible to receive it. There is a Discernment of God that is set within us, to 'see what is going on,' even before it is finished. We must be able to realize the fact also, that most of the 'unfair circumstances in our lives' will happen 'in the midst of a purpose that has yet to be fulfilled.'

There is an Ultimate Promise that has been set in motion for us, and we are in the midst of it being accomplished. This is why our hearts and vision must be established into the Significant destiny of our lives, and not on the 'temporary dimensions of the flesh and it's emotional perspectives.' We must remember as sons of God, that Significant Destiny has nothing to do with 'being fair!'

It is easy to be 'thrown about' when our full concentration is not on the Significance from which we are alive. There are times where 'we can allow ourselves to lapse' into a realm where we view things 'from the justifiable realities of the flesh' instead of the Significant reality of Faith.' We are constantly being 'processed from the mentality of the temporal, and challenged to walk and think from an Eternal Perspective of the Father.' Constantly!

When we allow ourselves to become 'comfortable in the Life, it will also show our confidence in the Life.' When we reveal confidence, then Trust in the Life will come forth. We will 'see Life from the Father's Ways and our bodies will adjust to the Pace of the Spirit.' When this happens, we will be able to embrace the 'true Law of Love, Justice, Peace, and Purpose, and not merely the 'law of justifiable flesh and it's rituals.'

Fulfilled purpose 'will reveal the Significance of injustices, unfair treatment, and controversial seasons of life.' *see Genesis 45:4-8; 9-16

The Father's Life and Spirit gives us the power to 'flow until then...'

Undrai & Bridget Fizer, publishers

"Some pains are simply the result of God perfecting a thing that we thought was right already."

Visit us online at undraifizer.com

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